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Welcome to the 2017 IPG Independent Publishing Awards!

Entries for the 2017 IPG Independent Publishing Awards are now open. On these pages you will find all the information you need to join our annual celebration of independent publishing in the UK.
The Awards enter their second decade this year, and we are really looking forward to adding our latest collection of winners to the roll-call of 111 previous Award recipients. I really hope you will give yourself a chance of being among them by entering one of more of the many categories we have on offer at the 2017 IPG Independent Publishing Awards.
We try to make the entry process as quick and easy as possible, and these resources should give you all the help you need to prepare a great submission. There is information about all the Awards on offer, tips for what our judges look for in each, and what you need to send us in order to take part. You will also find a list of our previous winners and some of their comments, which show just how much the IPG Independent Publishing Awards mean to publishers. I hope they will inspire you to try to follow in their footsteps—and perhaps become the 2017 Fox Williams Independent Publisher of the Year.
We hope that these resources answer any queries you might have about the Awards. But if you have any further questions about the entry process, or would like some guidance about which Awards you might submit for, please feel free to contact us. We want to do everything we can to help you enter.
Please do join us in celebrating IPG members’ achievements at the 2017 IPG Independent Publishing Awards. Thank you for your support—and good luck!
Best wishes
Bridget Shine, Chief Executive, IPG
Bridget 2016