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23 December: the IPG Advent Calendar
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What achievement are you most proud of this year and how will you be celebrating it over the festive break?

Bridget Shine, chief executive of the IPG

I had intended not to talk about work for this year’s advent calendar entry—until I read the question. It would be impossible not to mention how incredibly proud I am of what the super IPG team, ably supported by the IPG board, has achieved in 2015. It’s been a stand-out year, with plenty of new initiatives launched and 2016 promises to be even better. We’ve been really lucky to have Oliver Gadsby as the IPG chair for almost two years, our successes are very much linked to his chairmanship.
On the non-work front and leaving personal achievement aside:
My sister said that my son’s letter to Father Christmas was one of the most beautiful things she’d ever read. She may be just a little biased of course, but the letter revealed his thoughtfulness: curious about the world and considerate of others. I’m immeasurably proud of the person he is and I have a good feeling that Father Christmas, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen et al will be dropping in on Thursday night. We will be ready and waiting.
Bridget Shine IPG advent calendar 2015

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