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2016 highlights and 2017 resolutions
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Posted by IPG
Five IPG board members reflect on their publishing achievements in 2016 and give us some resolutions for the new year

What has been your highlight of 2016 in publishing?

I've loved being part of the growth of the IPG during 2016—our biggest ever Autumn conference in September; 600+ member companies; hugely successful book fair stands; as well as the smaller and more informal events such as the first Academic and Professional SIG dinner in Frankfurt. Friendly, collaborative and informative, they're all part of the IPG's mission to help our members do better business. Jonathan Harris, IPG president
Despite a challenging year we have found new audiences and we have sold more Search Press books than ever before. Caroline de la Bedoyere, IPG chair
Establishing that the educational publishing sector is alive and kicking if you have the right product set. Martin Casimir, Maths No Problem!
Embodied by a book called Cross Stitch to Calm. New designs in a traditional category, building on the mindfulness movement and a stepping stone to a relationship we now have with MIND, the Mental Health Charity, around craft and mental health. James Woollam, F+W Media and IPG vice chair
Using the crowdfunding model with our friends at Unbound to support the publication of Place-making: The Art of Capability Brown. Crowdfunding is well established in publishing of course, and the subscription publishing model, minus the online platform, would have been familiar to Brown in his day, but it’s interesting to demonstrate that the model can work for specialist titles like this. And it’s great to have advance orders on a book of this type, because trade dues are so hard to come by these days. John Hudson, Historic England

What is your new year's publishing resolution?

More of the same, please! Jonathan Harris, IPG president
We see a great opportunity in regaining shelf space for art and craft books that has been lost to colouring. Caroline de la Bedoyere, IPG chair
Do what I say I am going to do and deliver products on time! Martin Casimir, Maths No Problem!
Smarter books. To ever improve our use of customer data, search trending and market information to inform new title commissioning and help drive success. James Woollam, F+W Media and IPG vice chair
It might not be glamorous, but it will make our lives much easier if it works: to be much clearer with authors about our expectations regarding final delivery of material and what it constitutes. At present we spend time and money dealing with queries that need not have arisen with more initial clarity, so dispensing with ambiguity and misunderstanding is our top priority. There: told you it wasn’t glamorous. John Hudson, Historic England

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