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Meet the Sponsor: Ingram Content Group
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1 What is your company called, and what services or products do you offer?

Ingram Content Group keeps the world reading by connecting people with content in all forms. By providing comprehensive services for publishers, retailers, libraries and educators, Ingram makes global content distribution seamless and accessible. With an expansive global network of offices and facilities, Ingram’s services include print on demand, digital and physical book distribution and eLearning. Its associates are revolutionising content distribution through technology, innovation and creativity.

2 What opportunities and challenges can you help IPG members with?

With our state of the art print on demand services, publishers never have to worry about overestimating demand for any of their titles—they can print as many or as few copies at a time as they want, making costly warehousing fees for overstocked titles a thing of the past. We also offer exclusive discounts on set-up and market access costs for IPG members.

3 What are you looking forward to at the IPG Autumn Conference?

We’re looking forward to the entire conference, but the event we’re most excited to attend is the Meet the Independent Booksellers breakout session. At ICG we’re always looking for new ways to help independent booksellers, and hearing from them first hand about the trends and issues they face in this industry is always the best way to begin to address their needs.

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