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Main contact: Anders Breinholst
Pubfront – Improving businesses through technology.

Pubfront is powering the largest digital book stores in Scandinavia with our technology. We have more than seven years of experience building digital solutions for the publishing industry and can help you streamline your digital strategy, as well as get you started quickly with a proven platform.

We not only do large enterprise solutions but can also help smaller independent publishers with building a contemporary website. By using Pubfront you will experience a considerable decrease in time spent managing your online websites due to our user-friendly content management system.

The reason why you should choose to contact Pubfront for your next project also lies in the fact that we give you all the support services you will need to stay effective. Pubfront can set up a scalable cloud hosting and provide you with 2nd line support. Should you require any consultancy services or implementation work we are more than happy to help.

Please feel free to give us a non-binding call, we would love to hear more about your project.


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